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Anyone here interested in forming a writing group to workshop each others' novels or longer works?  I have gotten a novel about 40% of the way through the second draft but am really starting to need a few other pairs of eyes on it, mostly so I have someone to bounce ideas off of.  Would be happy to trade the favor with anyone else here :)

I'd gladly help with that. I've thought about writing something bigger for a long time, but it seems I haven't found the right approach yet. I think I do nice short stories though :P

I'm in (hey, isn't this then a Weaver Guild collaboration?  :) ) Haven't really tried my hand at any official story-telling pieces but always dreamed of writing up my own fantasy trilogies..... eventually (I'm blessed by Mathom a lot so....)

Hey, I knew that the Weavers would eventually end up attracting some of the best people on the site :)

I have the first ~35K words of an 80K novel (2nd draft), but would like someone to read what I've got and let me know how its going.  Mostly I want to know what would be most interesting for me to develop from this point onward (from a reader's perspective).  I do have an outline for the rest of the book, but I'd rather get your ideas before I share it.

It's a Science-Fantasy novel with a female MC.  Some adult language, some violence, and some death implied.  If you're willing to look it over, PM me and I'll send you the .PDF (or a different format, if you prefer).

Do either of you have a work-in-progress (novel/short-story) that you would like to workshop or brainstorm?  I'm happy to chat or email-chain ideas back and forth, or to alpha/beta read your stuff.  I genuinely like reading other people's stuff (one of the reasons I spend so much time on this site).  Of course, any non-Weavers are welcome to join in as well.

Thanks in advance, guys!

Well, I have my Dragon Empire setting to play around with (not to mention that I've started the Kalimon setting). At this stage, I'm mainly working to make my Dragon Empire setting worthy of being made into a region (I've tagged all the related sub under the freetext Dragon Empire, more comments on them are always welcome). Actually, my strength in writing tends towards argumentative/informative writing rather than descriptive/story telling. Anyway, in terms of writing a fantasy novel, I'm really at the beginning stage when I'm just trying to build up the setting (or the foundation for the iceberg, who knows when the tip will rise up to be visible?). 


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