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Centipede People

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Cheka Man:
I'm thinking one of the few things they will never do to each other is eat the eggs of each other-that's a major taboo amongst them.

Yeah, eating babies is bad.

My advice: don't just look to the biology of centipedes for inspiration.  If everyone looked to biology to find out what kind of personality the sheep people have (or the shark people, the crow people, or the cat people) then everyone's sheep people would be the same.  Everyone's sheep people would be meek and conformist.  Everyone's crow people would be clever and like shiny things. 

So if you just base it off the biology, you're gonna have the same centipede people as everyone else.  And I'm more interested in what kind of centipede-people would Cheka Man write that have his unique contributions.  What sort of centipede people can you invent that no one else would think up?

So I feel that biology should be a last resort, rather than a first one. 

Centipedes are carnivorous predators, though, and d**n good ones.  I wouldn't leave that part out.


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