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Cheka Man:
A thought came to my head-not lizard people, but centipede people. What are your 5thoughts on the general morals ect of such a race? Obviously on the individual level they would be as different as individual humans are different, but what virtues/vices would they be likely to have as a group?

When you say people, I assume you mean humanoids? How much of them would be centipede? Do you intend to segment one human body, or do what they did in the movie with the same name? When thinking about the concept, some guy in a costume comes to mind;

Or something much worse;*x1*images*jean*centipede_doll.jpg/

Just a random brainstorm from me on this topic:
1. This isn't from me personally but in Chinese myths, any poisonous animals is usually associated with being evil/low morals etc.
2. Personally, I would use actual biological info on centipedes to construct their ways of life. I just looked at a Wiki article on centipedes (I was trying to confirm what a centipede is, for a sec I had it mixed up with caterpillars) and apparently they are predators who eat a mixed diet and their main food source are earthworms. Anyway, one idea I got out of this is that these centipede people are aggressive (I'm picturing a tribal society like the Mongolians) towards those weaker than they are and at the same time being 'squeezed' by other more powerful races for which they might feel resignation (as in they know they can't fight back and accept this)/reverence (in a grovelling way). In turn of a virtue, I would make them extremely versatile (reflecting their mixed diet).

Cheka Man:
I'm thinking of them as often aggressive towards other races, with relatively few laws amongst themselves, but none the less their society survives and thrives. Most of their violence is turned outwards to empire-build.

Would work as well, anything else you would like to brainstorm on? 


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