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You can just make a freetext? Huh. I never knew that. I always thought you needed to be an admin or be at some level that was higher than my own. Well, thanks. I guess you do learn something new every day.

I've never tried it myself, but according to it's a power granted at level 5.

On the subject of Merthia

This will doubtlessly be expanded into a full fledged submission, which I plan to do eventually for each of the kingdoms of Atheus (okay, fine, we can downgrade that doubtlessly to hopefully), but as I recently wrote up The Burning Cult and the plot Seeking Vengeance; Adventurers Needed, I felt that perhaps a quick explanation would perhaps be helpful.

In the course of the World War, the fighting happened in Merthia. Sure, there were other locales, but Merthia was where most of the combat took place. This was mostly because of its location. Though it had been previously made fat on trade routes, this center location turned Merthia into a desolate wasteland. Farms were ravaged and burned to feed armies, and cities were conquered and re-claimed and then conquered again by Obstaria or Tauria. And then, for two years Obstaria and Tauria held it, defended it, and treated it like crap. To finish off the problem, when the World War was over, and it came time for War Debts and War Reparations to be paid, instead of actively sending in their militaries or physical aid, the other countries (with Tauria being the biggest contributor for this, as they were the only ones to actually put a decent effort into paying- the rest of the world still owes Tauria and Obstaria) simply threw money at the problem. This only increased two things in Merthia: banditry and corruption.

"Evil" runs rampant in Merthia. Evil is in quotes because I don't believe it, and thus such things as "good" and "evil" don't exist truly in Atheus (sure, people can believe they exist, like people believe the moon is a ever-changing series of gods if they're Lunist). This evil takes the form of bandits and professional armies. The first of these is bandit tribes running around and raiding towns. As the details of this are obvious, let us move on to the next: professional armies. Merthia does not have the American third amendment. Soldiers can quarter themselves in people's homes, and can make use of a town's food supply. In other words, legal raiding. Through threatening violence, armies take all of a town's stored food while in the field pursuing a particularly dangerous tribe of bandits. If this happens in the spring or summer, the consequences are not as severe. But if it happens after harvest, then it consigns numerous families to starving to death during the winter unless they can somehow hunt for enough food to survive. Indeed, armies are even worse than bandits, as bandits are usually smaller, and need less food (and both take what they need to survive- no sense in destroying an entire town, as you can't tax or raid them next year if they're dead).

Why don't people rebel? No one has tried, mainly because of disjointed attempts of self-protection. Some towns tried to make walls and other defenses, and try to keep armies and bandits from taking their food supplies. The government thought they were rebelling. The government reacted with violence. An army equipped with siege weapons was sent to make an example of the town. The term "overkill" is best used to describe what was done. The warning was received by the Merthians.


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