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Strolen Citadel Dice for Sale

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For those that didn't see the thread, we decided to buy some custom dice.

I have a couple sets put aside for contest winners but there are enough for those that want to grab some.

I am asking $10 for 6 misc 1d6.

If you want more or less, we can work that out. I don't make much off of them with shipping costs, but what little I do goes right back in the site and to the quest winners.

If you are interested, you can find the purchase button in your Citadel Profile under the Personal Workplace tab.

(I couldn't embed it in the forum and didn't want to spam the footer so this was the best place I could think of)

Thanks for this Strolen.

Will need to update my PayPal. Can't wait to have a set of these beauties!

Think I was the first to buy... paypal is the devil but hopefully I will have 6 new dice to add to my ever growing pool

Stuff your stocking!!

Don't be a scrooge!!

Buy a set of customized Strolendice NOW!!

All proceeds (minus 98%) are donated to some worthy charity or other.

Only $10 lousy dollars!!! All you have to do is NOT get your next 2 Starbucks lattes!!!

Any plans to extend the die offer to other types of dice besides d6's...?

Inquiring minds (with deep pockets)...



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