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name for new sub and uploading images


I have two things I need help on actually:
1. I'm not good with names at all, tend to think up the most boring titles and I have this idea for a new scroll so I thought I will ask for some feedback on sub title. Basically, I was thinking to create a scroll based on the theme of Chinese whispers. Basically, in each scroll, people write a one-line text and then below provide at least 2 versions of rumors/tales explaining the bits of text. Currently, the only title I could think of is the Rumormongers' Scroll.
2. How do I upload images into the Citadel gallery? I know the HTML code for inserting hyperlinks and images but I presume to include an image in a sub, I need to upload an image to the Citadel gallery first, right?

Why not just call it Chinese Whispers? Give the full description of what it is and start it off. Makes sense to me and for those that know the phrase they will know exactly what it is.

You can upload it directly in the submission. Just use the add image button and throw it in there.

Right, the title sounds like a good idea, much simpler to understand than what I came up with.
Ah, didn't know there's now an add image btn. I thought it will be like adding blockquotes and things like that. Thanks, Strolen.


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