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Another Quest?


I scrolled back through the chat shortly after I signed in to see what I'd missed and Dossta, I think, mentioned the word Quest, after Strolen explained something about that new date tracking addition thingy hocus pocus!

So, is there anything in the works? I'd like to see a new quest! (Though I will no doubt do my duty a a Priestess of Procrastination this time as well)

And now I come the that point in my thread where I forget what I was going to write and so I shall post it!

I'm happy to let ChatBot choose the next quest off the list, Strolen permitting of course.  If you haven't already voted for your favorite quest ideas, make sure to vote (or revote) on the Quest Brainstorming Compilation thread (,5965.0.html).  You can choose up to 10 of your favorites, and we'll roll to see which of the top three is the next Quest.  Eventually.

Ah, I see! Thanks Dossta!

scuttles away to vote..


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