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New submission out;

If you liked The Helmet of BEES! Then this submission is for you. If you disliked the Helmet, this Shield might still be more to your liking.

what's next for Gossamer?

Well I'm going back to work tomorrow. Other than that, more Hearthstone and watching anime?  :P

As embarrasing as it is to look at old threads written by me, it felt very nostalgic to read my old subs again, so thanks for that. But reading them also reminded me why I stopped writing. And it's not because I haven't thought of new things, I do that constantly anyways. Heck, looking at my old ones reminded me there was a lot I haven't covered yet that I planned on doing.

But, for me to write a sub, it takes me anywhere between 3-5 hours. That's like a whole day. And that's not even counting the ones that take longer. And for what, 3-6 comments and a mediocre score?
I just don't have the motivation anymore, especially now when I no longer even roleplay. Really low energy for the present time being and I need to save what little focus I have for other things, most of it regarding pure survival.
Things might change in the future, but you never know with me. It's pretty low on my priority list atm.  :|


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