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Elbin's dedication - drawing paralels

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Updated the list with my latest submissions and ideas. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Good work, Elbin.  :up: The only suggestion I have is to put in how many votes you currently have and the current avg. score for each sub next to it since that is also a requirement for this Guild. Other than that, just want to say hi to you as an existing member to an imminent member. Currently, it's just me and Dossta and it's good to get some new blood.

Hello, Moonlake. I added the votes and scores as you suggested. I only need some more feedback on the final plot submission to see if I should write another one or this one will pass the test of the Citadel.

It's strange that there are so little members of the Weaver's Guild. It gives the opportunity to write about everything you wish, in contrast with the others that focus on specific themes or types of subs. The creation of interrelations is the interesting twist, but maybe it is what makes people think it is too hard to do.

So we have to change that :). I'll post an exercise in combining two random subs later today and we'll see how it will be viewed by the majority.

Well, I'll take a look at your pieces soon and in particular, the one still needing more votes. Dossta is currently MIA but he has committed himself to reading everything Weaver Guild sub as Guild Leader so b/w the 2 of us, should get the sub hurdle over soon.

Well, I think doing interrelations based on random subs would be hard (haven't tried it myself but this is a requirement for progressing in this Guild so I'll do this sooner or later) although for my own ideas, more often that not, I start off with 1 sub and at least get 2 more will spawn off of the original. But actually, I'm sort of looking forward to doing some more work with existing subs as well. Actually, I have 2 in-work articles that will link to an existing sub each but they are obviously less ambitious in scope.

Actually, Val has also pledged to join but he says he's undertaking ambitious projects so....

I look forward to reading your next post.


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