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After much thought I decided I will pledge myself to the Weaver's Guild!

Thus I start my quest and have only one question - can I use my last submission (the Everlife dungeon) as one of the subs, if I have written it before deciding to join the guild?

Normally the answer would be no, but since you submitted it just this morning I will make an exception.  I've forgotten to put the freetext on quest subs before, and this is not much different, imo.

Are you planning on building another two subs around the Everlife Dungeon, then?

Thank you for letting me start with that. Yes, Gossamer's comment got me thinking on where the spark came, so I thought it will be better to make it more complete than start looking for other ideas.

Excellent.  I'll comment and vote on "Ife and Eath" as soon as I'm able.  Please use this thread to help track your progress on the quest requirements -- it makes it so much easier for me to confirm your membership once you're done.  The idea you left on Murometz' Dwarven Pets counts towards this quest, but I might not have found it on my own.  Good luck!

I was going to make a list of the completed requirements later, as I still cannot suggest submissions. But until I get the experience, here's the list:

1. Submissions:
Everlife Dungeon - (Votes: 6; Score: 4.67 )
Ife and Eath - (Votes: 5; Score: 4 )
Planted madness plot for the previous two - (Votes: 3; Score: 4.33 )

2. Ideas:
Rust Snails -
Ring of Weeping Willows -
Swamp of the Crazy Mansquitoes -
Book of Fleeting Dreams -
Emergency Crew Reset -

3. Suggestions:
The zombie strain to The Knights Medicus -
Staff of the Swarm AND
The Beekeeper's hat - both on the Helmet of BEES! (imagine a party that specializes in commanding bees...)
Kane, the Sorrow of Justice on the Hand of Callous Justice -
Shnickels on the Rain of Toads - (A rain of shnickels that leaves the whole group without their stafs, bows and walking sticks)


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