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Imbria Reborn


Imbria has had a second chance at life, going through a vacation from the usual game with the Wife and going to something less contemporary/vampire.

Bringing back Imbria, but Imbria of the past during it's heyday.

Major Influences:
Sailor Moon
Thor (Marvel film, specifically the look of Asgard, but swap gold tones for silver tones)
Pulp Fantasy.


The Moon is the cultural center of the Solar System, the home of an advanced and enlightened technomagical society.

Earth is a muddy backwater full of primitives, savages, giant beasts, and the colonies of the Imbrians, specifically Atlantis.

Venus is a muggy hot jungle world, with deep dark seas.

Mars is a forbidding desert world, but inhabited by green skinned Nomads

Mercury is a blasted and broken wasteland.

Jupiter, Saturn are storm worlds. Io is a lightly forested world wracked by earthquakes, geysers and boiling hot lakes. Europa is a water world, Ganymede and Callisto are icy tundra worlds.

Travel is done via space whales, teleportation, and flying sail ships.

High Fantasy, High Magic

I ... love this. Moar?


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