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Fantasy Zombie Apocolypse
« on: May 02, 2009, 04:49:15 PM »
So yeah, I've been working on a zombie apocolypse in my down time.  Felt like putting it down somewhere I'd be unlikely to lose it.

Loosely mixing Middle Ages and Pre-Renaissance is a North African city straddling a small river.

Quote from: Dakhuul
City loosely based off Algiers/Tunis/Barbary Coast, is home to Barbary coast type pirates/raiders.  Large percentage of the population is captured slaves, living in bangios, and when they're not put to use as galley slaves, making themselves useful by pursuing occupations in hopes of accruing enough money to buy out their slavery.

The city is crowded, with many winding alleyways and few things that would qualify as streets.  Along the coast are the docks.  And surrounding them/to the south are the warehouses, slave markets, whorehouses, and fishmarket, as well as other attractions of an even less savoury manner.  To the south of that is the Old City, inside the old walls, here are a good number of old villas, and bangios, as well as the old market, all of which have been turned into a commercial sector, with mages, weaponsmiths, blacksmith, alchemists and various other professionals vying for patronage from those walking the streets. 

To the east is the villas and towers of the freemen, the Pashas, the pirate captains, and those slaves who have distinguished themselves though devoted service to the Empire and the Agha.  Though the streets here don't run straight, they are at least wide enough to ride a pair of horses side by side, with room to spare.  The houses are all well built, many of them boosting walled gardens and fountains, though there are some noticeablely less well to do ones located towards the southern wall of the city.

On the other side of the river, is the slave housing, bangios capable of housing hundreds of slaves in common rooms and covered courtyards.  Where on the eastern side of the river there is little but housing, the well-to-do have servants to rush across the river to fetch their vitals for them, in this district, there are  markets, whose vendors peddle everything short of weapons.  The streets here are narrow and winding, shady during the day and pitch black at night.  Built into the walls of the city are the barracks of the Giyesh, the brutal city guard, vagabonds with almost no redeeming qualities, liable to beat someone to within an inch of their life for any transgression, real or imagined, provided tehy don't have coin to buy them off or a well placed contact, at which point they will turn a blind eye to anything short of murdering one of their own or a freeman.

The Zombies

My primary base for the zombies here will have to be Romero, with a little bit of Doom and Left4Dead thrown in for good measure.  The zombiosis, for lack of a better term, takes what the body was good at during it's life, and squares it now that it's dead.  Fast folks will turn into fast zombies, your average commoner off the street into the streotypical shambler, ect.  Also, to mix things up a bit, and provide for more enemies, anything that once had a pulse, and many things that didn't, can be zombified, so there'll be flying swarms of locust zombies, roving hyena zombies, ect.

The Reason

Because everything is better when you have dark rituals involved, I'm gonna say that all this here happened because a cabal of demon worshippers messed up.  Or, more appropriately, they did everything right for the first time.  They sacrificed a virgin, something that has been done no-stop since the dawn of time, but this time someone accidentally pronouced one of the syllables in the ancient rite correctly, opening up a gate to the netherworld through the now defiled body, trapping her soul in her carcass, and turning her into a demi-god of sorts.

Through the hole rushed the deranged and multilated spirits of murderers, serial rapists, and lawyers, as well as scores upon scores of lesser demons, possessing anything that wasn't occupied at that moment, resulting in the rising of the dead, both freshly dead and ones who'd been in the ground for a while.  Luckily for the world, as of this moment this is a localized event, the uniting of the Earth and a realm imnicial to all forms of life.

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Re: Fantasy Zombie Apocolypse
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2013, 10:50:57 AM »
Dear GOD, if you zombie Hyena's your going to have an unstoppable killing machine, well a pack of them really, roaming the area... nice!!