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Hello all.

I've been lurking around the Citadel for some time now, though only recently have I gotten the inclination to join the site. I'd like to get writing right away, but I'm having trouble focusing on just one idea. So, perhaps I should ask you all which Idea you think I should write about first.

1. Something with a premise similar to Lord of Light.
2. A world broken to pieces by interloper gods
3. A completely artificial, robotic biosphere.

These are 3 setting concepts I feel have promise, but are underdeveloped, and I can't quite make myself stick to one. Mayhaps community feedback will be the prompt that keeps me on track?

Welcome to the Citadel and I am glad you broke away from the Barbarian Horde!

First, write them all of course, plus the ones you didn't tell us about. And if you need peer pressure, which I understand completely....write about the broken world!

If I had to choose just one, i'd go for number 2. I love dark, gothic things and that sounds right up my alley.

But they all sound good! :up: Welcome, Myth! Lets see what you're made of! :D

I just hit a random sub that may be of some use here:

Thanks for the link, but given the first two responses, and the fact that #2 is the one I've been holding on to for the loongest, I'll probably go with that, and it'd be kinda difficult to use that sheet for the setting of #2.


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