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Character commission art available

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Wow! People like the art! ^^

Currently, I am working on the great and glorious quest bestowed by the hand of none other than Overseer
and potentially benevolent but still quivery-smite-fear-invoking Strolen before I can accept anything from anyone,
i must humbly complete this challenge. For its in the laws of right and justness.

(AH! Yes!! I can do cityscapes! They would be 5$ more than the detailed character sketches, as it would be an entire
detailed sketch from head to tiny toe of canvas covering!)

As thus far - for Strolen.com


HA! That is awesome. The freezing fear of impending doom, the dropped weapon, the almost inevitable demise of our hero. PERFECT.

As fans of Cthulhu, I think tentacles would be very appropriate. :) Tentacles or llamas always make everything better.

Loving it!

Tundra. The lord of time is knocking on your door. But he does give extensions at the request of Mathom who is a friend of us all.

I was excited to see your drawing progress and I am quite serious about hiring you to spruce this place up. However, I cannot back down from my challenge. It would be unllama of me. :)



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