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As some of you might have heard from Strolen-Master, I have been somewhat out of commission (ahaha. pun!) -- no no. :shock:

Rather, I had suffered an unfortunate earth-bound encounter  :what:, introduced to me via overeager doberman
full-speed stealthy caught unaware and knocked into wheelbarrow fill with dog-poo and cement-paving pounce. This being while
i'm still recovering from a very serious head injury *grade three* introduced to me via overeager
horse jumping at nothing in particular and dismounting me joyful pounce.

Needless to say, i was put a tad bit out of action for a teeny while!

But, today I managed to finish my submission! http://strolen.com/viewing/7402
TENTACLES - and i'm well on the way to being recovered enough for another head blow.
This time, probably by a stray flying brick. :up:

Welcome back, Tundra - and nurse that head of yours! :p

Beware of falling marsupials. It seems you are on a mammal kick and I have fear for what the next encounter may bring.

Continue to take care and wear that helmet no matter how much your friends make fun of you!

Welcome back.



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