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Since i've recently started doing freelanec art again, I thought i'd make a post
for people who might be interested in fantasy/sci fi or character art!


*Quivers in trepidation*


Normally a first forum post as advertising we would strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and spam my Citadel.

However, the art is awesome and the prices are outstanding and you have already proved your worth in the main Citadel.

Because of that, I will offer this quest challenge. Show your continued worth to the Citadel with a new submission in the next 10 days and I may just commission you for some Citadel art to spruce this place up.

If the winds of change are upon us, it may even turn into a recurring event that I could hire you to make a sketch for golden submissions and quest winners....the ideas spring from me like molten magma from a exploding volcano.

What say ye? Do you accept the challenge and open the doors to collaboration?

*The quivering, cloak-covered lump of flesh that was once (blissfully oblivious) Manicsheepie slowly emerges, having been partially petrified upon realizing that she was almost turned into an pile of deliciously flavoured sooty ash. Sadly, she has lost all her fleece and is now hairless sheepie :::

Now REBORN as 


Quest accepted!!!

Your stuff is incredible!

Wow, your artwork is great!

Do you do cityscapes at all? Would they be in the same pay structure as your portrait sketches?

I have been thinking of getting someone to sketch up a desert city with lots of glass structures for a sub I am working on.


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