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Well, I've been doing scroll additions for a while ever since I became less active on posting and really I have two of the scroll additions already written up in Word and the ideas for another two already in my head but not officially written down. Also, my days of lurking really paid off in terms of finding suggested subs. Actually, I was surprised myself at how productive I was yesterday in terms of completing the requirements for the Guild.

Hurray, just waiting for votes now.  :D

Ha, very clever Moonlake.  I'm enjoying reading about your world, but will need to change the guild requirements going forward -- only one of the three subs should ideally by a stub or a 100-word/Short and sweet sub.

Well, I had written up the Short&Sweet sub and the stub already and then browsing thru the forum, found the Weaver Guild and declared myself for it after reading the requirements. In retrospect, it did look like I'm being slack and exploiting some kind of loophole in the requirements.  :lol: And yes, you should change the requirements to make sure this doesn't happen again. :wink:

btw, I'm expanding my Kalimon overview sub. I originally thought what I put out would be interesting enough for a 3.5 but it looks like my assessment is slightly off so I'm adding a few more details that you pointed out in your comments. So make sure you revote on it.

No worries -- I've already modified the quest requirements going forward, and am really looking forward to reading your expanded sub on Kalimon.  It's a nifty world (imagine having Pokemon suddenly pop up all over the place where there were none before!).


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