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Well, I admit I was being a bit slack with the Kalimon sub in addition to not having fully worked out some parts yet. And actually, the comments I received so far were great- I got the ideas for 2 locations this morning whereas previously I could think of nothing and I think this has to do with your comment (which sort of gave me some kind of motivation to develop the world further  :up:).

I'm just done with 1 location and the write-up of it ends up pulling out a few more details abt the World besides just adding a location of interest, an aspect I quite like myself. Anyway, back to the revision for me.

All right, done with the revision now. Added stat. info. on Inhabitants and 3 locations of interest.

Almost there now. 1 more revote and I'm in! (Not trying to biase voting behaviour or anything, just documenting progress)

Congratulations, Moonlake -- your apprenticeship application has been accepted, and your contributions to the archive recorded.  Welcome!  Feel free to clear out a room in the tower; I'm afraid that some parts of this place haven't seen the light in ages.  No matter.  We will continue to dust the cobwebs off the Citadel and breathe new life into these old tomes, for as long as we call ourselves Weavers.

Hurray!!! Make your level one signature!!

Take another quick look at,5993.0.html for the first level stats and set it up.

If you need any help with the formatting, shoot me a PM and I will give it a shot.


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