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I've been meaning to declare myself for the Weavers Guild and since 1'm 2/3 of the way done with 3 inter-related subs, I might as well take the plunge now.

That's fantastic!  Just remember that you can only be on one guild quest at a time.  You will have to finish all the Weaver Guild requirements before starting the Strolenati stuff, or vice versa.  Looking forward to seeing your stuff, in whichever order you choose to pursue it :)

I see, lucky that you mentioned this, else I'm fully going to multi-task and do bits and pieces for both Guilds at the same time. I guess the actual order of completion would depend on whichever sub that Mathom releases his clutch from first.

Just to keep tab on my progress:
1. 3 inter-related subs:
The Oracle of Ein [3 votes, score 3.5]
Elementallion (stub)
Kalimon - an overview [3 votes, score 3.17]

2. Leave at least 5 ideas on other authors' submissions:

NPC history generator no. 71-81
Town People- Christian Skoda 
The Hundred Journeys of Lai-Xeng - Lai-Xeng and the Frustrated Scholar
Winter Adventures- Winter Illness
Dreams- Déjà vu

3. Suggest 5 relevant submissions on other authors' subs:

One deity fantasy- Oracle of Ein
Winter Adventures- Winter in the Lost Lands
Magical Songs- 30 Bardic Tales
A Selection Of Potent Alchemical Concoctions- Flawed Potions
30 Bottles of Wine- 30 More Bottles of Wine, 30 Beers

On a roll!


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