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Main Citadel Quests vs Forum Guild Quests


This is about the requirements for joining the Strolenati Guild and may or may not be a bug but I just thought it could be. So I thought to join the Strolenati guild, we had to write a sub with the Strolenati Guild freetext. But then how come on my author profile, in the quest logging box, it automatically counts my most recent sub as the sub for joining the Guild? Strolen, did you make a change to the guild joining rules or is this something with the code?
btw, Author is spelled wrong in the quest logging box as well

The only tracking that the forum guild has in the main site is the freetext you put it. It checks that against the active guilds and shows the guild symbol and link.

If it is showing that sub under an actual main quest in your author profile, then that would be the manual selection of a guild on the submission page from the drop down menu.

I think that might answer the question. 

Spell check, check! :)

Well, maybe I've just misunderstood the purpose of the quest logging box. I thought it was created to check all the other requirements for entering the Strolenati Guild besides the freetext. But from your reply, it would seem that the quest logging box is actually to keep track of submissions towards old quests, is that correct?

However, I'm still unclear as to the subs showing in the quest logging box. Currently, the quest logging box on my profile is showing the Oracle of Ein which I selected as a sub for the Religion and Cults Quest and a stub I just put out last night (that I haven't selected as a Quest sub at all). Is that how it's supposed to work?

Don't read into anything. The rules for the Strolenati Quest (and all forum guild quests) are exactly as written with the only requirement being that which is set plus putting the Guild Freetext on it. If there was a requirement to use the main citadel quest dropdown, we would explicitly tell you that and describe how to do it. (Which is a great idea come to think of it!) It is an honor system being reviewed by the Guild Leader of whatever Guild  you join. For the Strolenati Guild Recruit Quest you need the sub that meets the criteria and then you tell me that you have it finished in the forum thread you started. I say hurrah and you are in.

The quest logging box has nothing to do with the forum quests. If you look at the list you will see that the Quests there all match an official main citadel quest. The ability to join old quests was requested enough that I made that available. You can only win prizes and glory for a quest when it is active, however anybody can still complete the quest for personal honor and the respect of the Citadel. Those quests that are fulfilled outside the original quest time period are identified in your profile so you can tell official vs. follow-up submissions. So there is no overlap between the Official Quest and the Guild Quests...

HOWEVER, you can double dip. You can submit the same sub to the main quest and the guild quests and it would count for both... separately. That would only be a timing or convenience thing. So if you submitted something to the dropdown main Citadel Quest, you can ALSO use that in the forum Guild Quest. They are tracked completely separate.

You could think of this in one of two ways:

1) You write a submission to fit a main Citadel Quest dropdown. You select it from the dropdown and it will show up in your Profile as a main Citadel Quest. Then, as an afterthought, you see if it fits a Forum Guild Quest submission. Sweet, you post in the Guild thread that you submitted a requirement and we all celebrate.

2) You write a submission to fit a Forum Guild Quest in order to join a Guild and get the graphic. You submit it and put in the required Guild Freetext as per the Guild's instructions and we celebrate your movement in the Guild. As an afterthought you check the main Citadel Quests and you see it matches one of those too. You edit it and pick the Citadel Quest from the drop down selection and now it shows up in your Profile.

I don't understand your exact question, but was hoping that the full description of the two different Quest Paths would help.


Yep, I'm clear now. Thanks for the clarification.


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