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Ever since Wikis were introduced, there hasn't really been much Citadel-wide collaboration of the same extent as what spawned the Wiki format. The Wiki challenge is therefore the following:
- add to an existing Wiki by me and Muro: Legendary Utility Items OR
- start a new Wiki on ideas listed above or any topic of your own choosing (if you want to use one of my ideas and want me to set up the standard template for it like the Wiki I have with Muro/lead with an example, PM me else just do whatever you want)

My ideas for Wiki topics:
1. cultural artefact (items embodying cultural customs)
2. ruins associated with particular cultures
3. unusual ways in which inspiration came

Would this include pre-existing submissions that could be changed into a wiki, thereby allowing everyone to edit them as they see fit?

Well, since nobody has taken it up, I'm not averse to this happening although originally I was thinking of new Wikis being created. But go ahead if you have one sub that you want to turn into a Wiki.

Heh, my submission, A Collection of Friday Freetexts, is a wiki, albeit not a terribly creative one :)

Actually, I saw that particular Wiki go up and it's a very useful one :up: but I got a bit puzzled b/c it's also listed as a stub when you move the cursor over the letter icon attached to it when it was up on the frontpage of the Citadel. Anyway, I think your Wiki was posted before I announced the Challenge.


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