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Looks like this will be a long trek to completion.

You're wasting your talents on these non-dwarven guilds. Nevertheless, i wish you luck and good fortune on your journey of self-discovery.

Well, I like the bearded folks all right but can't picture myself as one of them. The only thing that I have in common with the dwarves is my height but I just can't picture myself as a bearded female dwarve. For that matter, I can't picture myself as any other fantasy races, either. Maybe I'm just too entrenched in my human ways hehe.

There's nothing wrong with being human, or having a preference to be such. I have a friend who constantly pesters me about being "boring" because I prefer to play humans, but I find there to be infinitely more variety within humans than with other races.

I agree. Also, I'm a non-gamer but if I was to take up a game, I would want to be more or less myself, not a pretend character based on a common fantasy race archetype.


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