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Okay, so I've been meaning to join for ages but then I was in and out of the Citadel. Now I think it's time to declare my intention to join but Mathom's clutch might yet be firm.

Now that I'm released from the Weaver Guild Quest, I can concentrate on the Strolenati Guild Quest. One question, though:
I somehow vaguely remember that the requirements for upvoted comments and upvotes on different author count over a 30 day period in which case I already fulfill these requirements according to the Quest Logging box on my Author profile (I know that's for past Quests rather than Guild Quests), is this true? Or do I have to start again on those two requirements (I mean, the upvotes on different authors weren't part of the Weaver Guild Quest, I usually do it anyway. However, the upvoted comments I got recently are tied to user submitted ideas I put in for the Weaver Guild)

Tab on progress:
1 sub posted: Magic System based on Fengshui (1 vote, score 4)
5 2 comments upvoted (6 comments upvoted as listed in the Quest Logging box on Author profile pre dedication to Strolenati Quest)
10 different authors' comments upvoted (coinciding with increase in number of authors votes from 10 to 20 in Quest Logging box)

That stat box in your profile is just a running tally that has no knowledge of what quests you embark on. Mark down the numbers now that you start at and increment from there as they are not a true representation for this quest. Once you start a new quest, everything starts at 0 and nothing counts except what comes after.

The Weavers Guild is in your past. It is a distant memory and matters not. You are pledged to the Strolenati now and all that you were and all that you did is meaningless to the Strolenites. Earn your stripes anew by all original content, votes and upvotes. Your tracking starts now. Muahahahahaha

(Of course the magic sub you just submitted counts. I will look and comment tomorrow. Very late day for me and have just enough time to do a couple maintenance tasks and I am crashing!)


All right, will start anew.


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