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Greetings Strolenites, I wish to introduce myself as PlasmaWake. Hopefully I will soon be considered one of you.

I do not remember how I found this site to be honest. What I can say is that this site is far too excellent to be forgotten. Every time I start a new personal era of roleplaying this site always pops into the back of my head. (I've remembered this site about three or four times now.) To start off with, I haven't ever actually played a tabletop rpg or an rpg on forums.  As far as game running is concerned, from a certain point of view I have been both a GM/DM and a player. In a similar manner, I have not roleplayed at all. Of these two statements I see the second as the more accurate, yet both are slightly true.

To explain, please allow me to tell a short version of my roleplaying timeline. If I am correct that will fulfill the requirements of an introduction post.

I was first exposed to roleplaying though chat rooms of poor quality.  The only skill of worth at that place was having the fastest typing hands around. Any amount of quality was shrugged off as too slow to matter. I remained exposed to that abomination until I found another chat room a few years later.
In the second chatroom, roleplaying was kept within a high-school setting of anime fantasy. However, it was through this flimsy dream of teenagers that I found links to badly written characters. These characters were from of all sorts of settings. The ones of which I speak did not fully comply with the anime high school setting.
It was not a long step from seeing badly written characters to my own powergaming. I only played scenes which would add weaponry to my character or comprise of solely combat roleplay. Within a year or two of only powergaming and playing already scripting plots, I found a third chatroom.
Ah yes, yet another chatroom. I was nearly the only powergamer there. I stood amidst titans and lions of roleplayers without understanding what drove them.
As of recent I have returned to that site to learn their ways. I am also making my intro here for the same purposes. To learn what different types of roleplay exist. For the purpose of understanding what each type means to different people. And furthermore to see what drives people to participate in roleplay. Hopefully I will end up finding one or more types of roleplay that suit me by the end of these questions. Aside from that I have come here to help create and improve ideas. From what I have seen, the last reason is one of the major tasks of Strolen.

A man with a mission! Welcome, brother.

Welcome, Plasmawake!

Starting out without a group to guide you is definitely tough.  I remember trying to get into T2 combat typing before deciding that it wasn't for me, so I can definitely see where you're coming from with the "chat rooms of poor quality" :P.  Roleplaying gamers come in all stripes, so it's nice to see that the Citadel was able to attract a power gamer like yourself.  I hope that you find what you're looking for here. :)

Ya hey der Plasmawake!

Very happy you gave us an introduction and welcome back to the site!! Looking forward to seeing the questions and submissions you present. I am thinking you might generate some interesting conversations as we all explore our own unique RP background and what drives us.

Enjoy the site and don't forget to vote and comment!!

Howdy, Plasmawake!  Pull up a chair and take off that wet cloak.  We're glad you came in from the cold.  Come bang your ideas against our ideas and maybe they'll have beautiful babies.


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