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Depending on the system your using depends on how it could be run.
In D&D 3.5, they talk about using the units averages VS Averages. So if the unit, as a whole has an average attack bonus of a +5, than that is their attack bonus. They also talk about types of groups and how having PC's or NPC's as part of that group can help out the unit as a whole.
EX: if you have a group of 10 Elven Archers, Militarily trained, then they would get a bonus on their actions because they have trained to work together and have tactical/fighting knowledge, VS a group of villages banding together to help protect the town, which might get minuses to their over all actions for not being battle ready, uncoordinated and not having the proper knowledge on what to do.

The Star Wars SAGA ED. books, Specifically the Clone Wars Book also has some GREAT examples of doing BIG battles like this. They go in to details about how having Commanders gives the individual groups bonuses, how having a group with only melee weapons works in a combat. ALL kinds of things like that, if nothing else it will give you some ideas on what to do.

BUT overall, if i had to give you an answer right here on the spot i would say treat them a SWARM, going up in size with the addition of members when doing MELEE, and treat them like artillery when they us Ranged.  Give bonuses where applicable and battle on.


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