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What holds more power over a human heart than fear of the unknown?  For this quest we seek answers to the eternal questions of life and death, sin and deliverance.  Whether you design an entire belief system or simply a backwater cult , modern or ancient, sci-fi or steampunk -- make your religion sing.  Gods and prophets, demons, con-artists and mystic rites; from the humblest spirit to the greatest miracle, anything goes!   This is your chance to put a new spin or twist on religion, and give us something we haven't seen before.

A Cult for those that want to be Gods on Earth - axlerowes
Akasha - Chaosmark
The Nurendrian Truth Cult - axlerowes
The Players Cult - Dossta
The Other Side - Shadoweagle

At the time of this post, all these had a 4 or higher voting rank. Because I am doing it and I like it that way (sorry Scras) I allow 2 (two) votes per person.

So vote for your two favorites.

Is there a reason that my Mortideanism isn't a voting option?

It is a 3.785714 voting average, for the graphic it averages it up to a 4 as they are only in .5 increments. I had to draw the line somewhere and five subs above 4.0 are enough for a solid voting foundation. Sorry. :(

Same rules as before?  Quest authors must vote at least once and must vote for submissions other than their own?

Need more votes!!!


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