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Hoo hah, I got myself into some hot water here, huh!? Well, I shall leave my fate to the mercy of the citadel at large, since Dozus appears to be AWOL at the moment.

So what will it be, Strolenites!? What must my Sub punishment be for abandoning yon pledge!? I shall take my punishment in stride and show that even in defeat i am not to be trifled with!

I believe that Strolen's suggestions are sound.  Shadoweagle, for abandoning your brothers in faith, your penance is as follows:

Craft a submission to be used as a weapon against the dark forces of necromancy.  Only then will you be released from your pact with the Synod, and may the gods have mercy on your soul.

The pact is sealed. I shall create this submission for the use of the Synod, if it shall release me from all debts to it.

How about this for an idea, to compliment the anti-necromancy sub: addition of how SE backed out in his signature. Below the "Completed Guild Quest: Necromancy..." can go: "I broke my pledge to the Divine Synod. I am worthy of any and all humiliations."

Just so we all now what SE did, forever and always.


Observe! A parting gift to the Divine Synod. And let not your feeble gods have mercy on my soul! For the gods hold no sway over me now.
This is not the last the Divine Synod will hear of me. The brotherhood has its sights set on you all.

Watch the shadows... friends.



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