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My journey begins with a joint quest and guild submission!

    Write 1 sub in the "Societies - Religious" or "Systems - Divine/Spirit" category outlining the belief system, pantheon, or hierarchy.
  The Other Side

    Write 1 sub in the "NPC - Religious" category associated with the new religion.
1 sub remains
    Write 1 sub in the "Items" category that features some artifact relating to the faith.
1 sub remains

As a show of ecumenism, you must vote on three subs in any of the following categories
    NPC - Religious
    NPC - Mystical
    Societies - Religious
    Societies - Mystical
    Systems - Divine/Spirit
    Systems - Mystical
3 votes remain.

You must also upvote a comment in 5 subs of these categories.
5 of 5 remain

I'm afraid I must withdraw my pledge to the Synod, as I have plans to create a guild of my own.


SE, you must beg to leave a guild. It is never that easy once you pledge!! Once you pledge you are in until you complete the Guild Quest or the Guild Leader releases you from your pledge....and that can have conditions.


Looking forward to the exit cost!

The exit cost is shame. Pure, unadulterated, shameful shame.  :hyper:

That is only good for things like screwing up a resurrection or summoning a sprite instead of a demon. This is backing out of a Guild. That has consequences. Especially a Necromancer backing out of a Religious Guild. What could be more poetic?

I would ask for the design of a creature that could destroy all undead. Or a warrior clan whose only goal is the destruction of the art of Necromancy. Or a religious order that has discovered the cure for vampirism. Something that would confuse and confound SE into dark madness!!


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