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sorry, I've been really busy this week.

A deity already in existence could be shaped by the worship he, she, or it received but would still have a core personality. If enough people decided that the Devourer was a cuddly god of puppies then he would be changed by that belief, but how far can you bend something before it breaks? Scourge of the Puppy-Bringer!

A deity created from pure belief like the Goblin Martyr is shaped by that belief from inception. But does that make them more mutable when the base of their belief changes? What if a group of savage goblins found the faith but twisted it to justify wholesale slaughter?

Still out there?

I am around what is going on?

Good gods, I just can't seem to be on the computer recently. Being an adult really sucks sometimes.

The other really odd aspect of Foundation's cosmology is the shape of the plane. It's basically a pocket dimension made by folding together corners of the elemental planes. The world itself, the actual continent, is flat and sort of wedged into the walls of reality. The original creator made the world as a private haven, it was little more than ground upon which to sit, a tree for leaning against, and a moon to tell the passing of the days. The creator slept for eons, the world changed around him. The tree grew massive, and bore an odd fruit; dryad-like elves. These creatures The Alvoh'an (Al-vo-ann) made a society for themselves, centered around the worship of this great tree. When an alvoh'an died its soul went into the tree, causing light to fall on Foundation for the first time. With each soul the tree grew taller and taller until it finally grew so large that it broke through the world, shifting seas and throwing up mountains. The tree begged its people to cut it down, fearing that it would eventually destroy the world entirely

The shape of the plane has always been hard for me to describe, imagine a bicycle inner tube with a coin stuck in the middle. The top of the coin is the surface of the world and gravity flows around the tube in one direction. The tree glowed with the souls it absorbed from its leaves and its roots, so when the tree was destroyed the roots continued to glow, becoming the worlds sun.

Does the plane have a constant aspect independent of the population perception of the plane?  Same question for your godsent guy, does have a real aspect or once he got elevated to god did he cease to be "him" and become the people's perception of him? You say they have their core personality, but why, what are the forces at work here?


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