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Belief makes reality but reality also makes reality, not everything is imagined into being. The plane had a shape before people and continues to after, plus very few people in Foundation think much about cosmology. It's a closed system.

The Devourer was a god already when he was juxtaposed into Foundation, I've never really given it a whole lot of thought but I suppose the reavers would have just made him more viking-ey, more interested in conquest when before he was out for revenge. The various aspects of the two war gods would have made him very aggressive in a lot of ways, the insanity brought on by captivity, torment, and all that would have made him unstable, then gaining a bunch of marauding viking types as worshipers would have been the icing on the cake. A crazy, violent, might-makes-right god.

so you are making a distinction between the real and the imagined (those things created by an thought).  So there is true reality, does the foundation actually have a true reality. If every thinking being left the foundation and nobody knew about it would it still exist?

What is a God?

Is the this a topic you broach with your players?

There is reality, real physical or quasiphysical (in the case of elemental planes and such like) people places and things but belief can create reality. If enough people believe in something it comes into being, to one degree or another. Something imagined isn't real until it reaches some tipping point; belief is like one of those Japanese water clocks where water pours into the tube until the tube tips over and dumps out. Before it reaches that tipping point belief and imagination are purely insubstantial things. 

Foundation was created by a powerful being from physical things, he took corners of various planes of existence and just sort of origami-ed them into a closed world that's part of those various planes but also cut off from them. It has a physical form, it exists not because of belief but because it was created, however enough belief would change it, or destroy it depending on what was believed.

A god is simply a being imagined into being or raised from a mortal that absorbs belief and turns it into divine power. The form and attitude of this being is subject to the nature of its worship but a fluffy bunny god of rainbows and healing is going to break before he changes when pressure is applied that would drastically and fundamentally alter him, fluffy bunny god of human sacrifice and couch rape for instance.

I haven't discussed much of this with my players, it's only really important from an overworld viewpoint. Thank you, by the way, for making me really think about these metaphysics. I've never really given it this much deep thought before. cheers

This subject touches on some ideas that have been played with both in popular media (Planescape and The Malazan Book of the Fallen, to mention a few) and in a few RPG's I have played. I will offer up some of the ideas we decided on, and you can use them or not. These suggestions are in no way canon.

--- Quote ---On the subject of Gods:
A God can either be created from nothing more than belief, or it can be 'elevated' from mortal status if enough people believe in its godhood.
If the belief in a god changes, then, over time, its aspect will change. This can effect a divine 'drift' in domain, often both due to and causing changing social mores.
A God who was created is more susceptible to these changes than one who was elevated, as such a 'real existence' gives them somewhat of a anchor.
A god who's followers desert him will lose his divine power, over time. If he was created by belief this will ultimately be fatal to the god, whereas one who was 'real' before divinity can lose divinity and remain alive and existent (though much less powerful)

Its important to note that there is a inertia to reality responding to belief, and  a delay in its effects. If all of a gods followers died overnight, the god would have some time to restore the faith before fading away altogether - the more powerful the god and the faith, the longer he or she has.

Whether existence is tied to perception is a matter of some debate, but it is impossible to prove short of killing everyone off and seeing if reality still exists (which the vast majority of people by far are not willing to try, unsurprisingly).
--- End quote ---

Some of this seems to vary from what you have established, in particular it seems implied by your statements that the origin of a god matters less in this setting, and there is no difference between them. Food for thought.


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