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This a topic thread meant to explore Bumblor's world The Foundation.

According to Bumblor
"Foundation is an unstable plane created as a sanctuary for a powerful, ancient psion. The instability of Foundation's construction causes the world to reach out across the multiverse and juxtapose large sections of itself with equal portions of other worlds."

First Question Relates to
2013-04-01 11:21 AM
And I subscribe to the concept that belief creates reality in fantasy settings so The Devourer is an actual god in Foundation because he's worshiped by his followers and intensely feared by those that live in his domain"

If I were get a enough people to worship a fictional being in this world, could their worship then cause that fictional being to come into existence?

In Foundation it would, and has on a few occasions. A member of a faerie court found a group of goblins that had broken from their cultural norms, they were peaceful and hard working and wanted only to live and thrive. The Fae called Ceesil (See-zil) the Deceptive played a trick on the unsuspecting goblins; he appeared as a burning bush and told them of the great sacrifice of The Martyr, how he laid down his life to forgive and erase their sins and the sins of goblins everywhere. He told of the peace and joy that awaited those who followed this Martyr. Thinking himself the height of cleverness Ceesil commanded the horde to build a great temple in the Martyrs name and he gave them specific instructions as to its design and size. They were given just six months to complete the task. Ceesil spread the word throughout the faerie court, seelie and unseelie alike, and when the temple was finished Ceesil gathered the most prestigious names of the court to witness his grand jest. The goblins were gathered at the tall, wooden temple in the middle of a clear cut forest, but not the mere five hundred that had received Ceesil's message. An army, ten thousand strong, kneeled and bowed in ranks around the temple steps. At their center stood a lone figure. He looked like a goblin but at the same time different. He was taller, with smoother skin, and more handsome features. His white robe was a gleaming white, though the hem and his calves and bare feet were spattered with mud and coated in dust as if from long travel afoot. Around his head was a glowing, golden halo and his face bore an expression of such serenity, love, and power that some of Ceesil's troupe were brought to tears. The assembled mass of worshippers chanted in soft, quiet voices repeating one word over and over "Father!" and thus, the Goblin Orthodox Church was born

Thus because the sprite described a good and kind god and that is what the worshippers envisioned  a good and kind god appear.   

Thus here is my question, what does the Devour's true nature or aspect matter?  If I were to convince all his worshippers, that he was kind and forgiving, would the force of that worship make him kind and forgiving?  If the Devourer had encountered a large farming community of quaker types instead of a raiding party of viking type would his religion be different?  If the worshippers create the god do they also change the god over time?

absolutely, even to the point of creating a whole new god that splits off from the original. A real world example, is the Jesus of a loving, caring, intelligent christian the same god as the Jesus of, say, a member of the westboro baptist church or the ku klux klan?

Another Foundation example is the Dragon God, the largest and most powerful dragon is the god because of awe, fear, and worship by lesser dragons. This means the mantel gets passed occasionally but there's always someone one top

Because I keep forgetting to do it, I'm attaching the Foundation map

nice map,


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