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D&D 1st ed. Campaign for the kids #2: The Shackles of Orcus


Ancient Gamer:

Aruhl - The Allfader. The Lord of the Sun.
Inilor - The Dark. Lord of Hell.
Kalrag - The Warrior. The God of War.
Althruin - Elvenborn. The First Elf. Lord of Forests.
Orcus - The Frozen Lord of Battle. Imprisoned former god of war and winter.

Player Characters: (Started out as mercenaries)

Eldara - Purple Fairy Dragon, about as big as a cat
Special Equipment (Gotten from King Firiel) - Enchanted Saddle. Grow to horse size, with added option of attacking with claws and razor sharp teeth.
Special Equipment (Starting treasure)  - Bracelet of Invisibility
Skillset: Levels as a Mage, with Mage spells
Breath Weapon: Euphoria Gas
Unique Skill: Vanish (1-6 rounds before reappearing)
Unique Skill: Summon Mother Three (Summons Eldara's Mother Three to her current location. Note that Eldara's Home is within the trunk of the tree. The tree requires sufficient quantities of earth)

Delvan - The Elf
Special Equipment (Gotten from King Firiel) - Elven Cloak
Special Equipment (Starting treasure) - Ring of Invisibility
Special Equipment (Looted from corpse) - Plate Armor + 1

Tirana - The Female Cleric
Special Equipment (Gotten from King Firiel) - Elven Cloak
Special Equipment (Starting treasure) - Elemental Stone of Summoning (Earth Elemental. Requires Throwing the stone into a bonfire and pouring fresh human blood on it. Requires Wisdom Check to control the elemental)
Special Equipment (Starting treasure) - Silvery Wave Ring (Walk on Water)
Special Equipment (Looted from Orc Shaman) - Three Inch Wide Leather Belt with Bulls Head Buckle (+2 Strength)
Special Equipment (Looted from Orc Shaman) - Silvery Earring (Stores One 1st level Spell)

Dorn - The Dwarf
Special Equipment (Gotten from King Firiel) - Elven Cloak
Special Equipment (Looted from Orc Shaman) - Black Crooked Staff (Shoots 3 Magic Missiles) Command Word: Agragash. 13 charges left.
Special Equipment (Starting treasure) - Spear + 1. Lost in the Fallen Temple.
Special Equipment (Starting treasure) - Chainmail + 3 (Prince Vailon's Lost Armor)

Ancient Gamer:
The Battle of Galen-Galtharas (The Elven Forest)
The PCs started mid-battle on the Olthar Hills, just outside the Golden Forest (Common Tongue for Galen-Galtharas).

They are regulars in a mercenary army, currently engaged with a Black Orc Army.
The battle was long and arduous, involving Hill Giants, Black Orc reinforcements and hidden elven regiments saving the day.

Sequence # 2 : The Chase Through the Forest
Noticing a small detachment of Black Orcs breaking through the ranks and charging into the forest, the PCs are ordered to follow them and discover what they are doing.

to be continued...


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