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PARANOIA: Welcome to your new clearance of RED, faithful Citizen!

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In preparation for the PARANOIA chat game, I will begin posting relevant information here.

--- Quote ---Welcome, Citizen, to your new Clearance of RED. For dutifully turning in a traitor to Alpha Complex, you have been promoted and will now join the exciting ranks of the Troubleshooters! It will be your duty to root out and expose traitors, unregistered mutants, and members of subversive secret societies who have not accepted the great wisdom of friend Computer.

With your previous INFRARED Clearance, you were expected to work full time for your Service Firm. As the least trusted members of society you were given very few privileges. As a Troubleshooter, you will be moved to part time work, giving you ample time to fulfill missions of great importance to the health and well-being of the Citizens of Alpha Complex. You will also be given extra privileges, such as the addition of REDdimeals to your diet (more Soylent Red and less FunFood) and even the occasional real meal.

As Troubleshooters experience a 27,000% higher mortality rate than the rest of society, The Computer has generously granted you an additional 5 clones at no extra charge. Upon the destruction of your current clone, one of these 5 backup clones will be decanted and prepped to complete the current mission.

Be aware that subversives sometimes manage to end up on a Troubleshooting team. This is regrettable, but also gives you the opportunity to hone your Troubleshooting skills by rooting out traitors within your own midst. Should at least one of your clones survive a mission, you will be required to explain any lapses in reporting treasonous activities among your team. We have found that such techniques are excellent at promoting team cohesion and effectiveness. More traitors have been exposed this way than with previous methods.

In addition to your personal gear, you are to be provided with the following:

* 1 Laser Pistol (no barrel attached; a Clearance appropriate barrel will be assigned at the start of a mission)
* 1 Suit of red reflec armor; any complaints about poor sizing will need to be reported via the Armor Replacement Form, which should be successfully processed within the month
* Any equipment associated with Mandatory Bonus Duty
* 1 Series 1300 PDC (Personal Digital Companion); to be used for communication and the recording of treasonous activity
-- Ren-Y-XRT-3

--- End quote ---

More to follow...

Maybe the awesome friend computor could tell us more about the various treasonous elements, so that we may better discover them and punish them according to protocol? For instance which heretical goals each mutinous faction pursues.

Important information regarding behaviors and how they are categorized in PARANOIA:

Acceptable, Insubordinate, Treasonous, and Meritorious Behaviors


* Understanding acceptable behavior, insubordination, treason, & meritorious conduct
* Knowledge that a pre-Computer time occurred without expressing curiosity or in-depth understanding
* Knowledge of the existence of specific Secret Societies, mutant powers, the Outdoors, or plants & animals
* Envy of those with higher Clearance and the associated perks
* Ambition; expressing a desire for greater service and rising in rank
* General jokes/warnings about service groups and/or higher Clearances (this is impolite and may draw suspicion)
* Vandalism and destruction of property of equal or lower Clearance, but only while in the line of duty
* Asking questions relevant to a missionInsubordination

* Asking questions that are not relevant to a mission
* Not wearing the appropriate uniform; being sloppy
* Being unhappy
* Sharing bad news
* Curiosity about Old Reckoning times (before The Computer)
* Evading IntSec or bypassing surveillance
* Excessive impoliteness (includes some acceptable behaviors done too frequently)
* Failing a hygiene inspection
* Disregard for the importance of a mission
* Disrespect for someone of higher Clearance (includes jokes and questioning ability or judgement)
* Turning off a PDC during a mission
* Vandalism and destruction of property of equal or lower Clearance while not in the line of dutyTreason

* Accusations:
* Being accused
* Falsely accusing another
* Conduct
* Arguing with or lying to the GM
* Assault
* Entering a higher-Clearance area
* Loss of assigned equipment
* Demonstrating a knowledge of the rules above Clearance
* Failure to defer to someone of higher Clearance
* Framing someone for a crime
* Knowing a treasonous skill
* Possessing unauthorized items or information
* Refusal of prescribed medication
* Theft
* Threats
* Destruction of higher Clearance property
* Missions
* Disobeying an order
* Failure to complete a mission (includes failure to file a report on the mission)
* Refusing an assignment or mission
* Mutation
* Possessing a banned mutation
* Suspicion or proof of possessing an unregistered mutation
* Society Membership
* Confessing to, suspicion of, or proof of Secret Society membership
* Knowledge of Communist doctrine
* Being a Communist
* Terminations
* Terminating a Citizen without sufficient evidence of treasonMeritorious Conduct

* Being extremely happy
* Completing a mission
* Completing a mission successfully
* Completing an assigned service and filing a report
* Performing spontaneous favors for higher Clearance Citizens
* Risking one's life to protect a higher Clearance Citizen, Alpha Complex, or The Computer
* Terminating a traitor with sufficient evidence
* Turning a traitor over to IntSec
* Unctuous flattery


--- Quote from: Gossamer on March 27, 2013, 02:50:51 PM ---Maybe the awesome friend computor could tell us more about the various treasonous elements, so that we may better discover them and punish them according to protocol? For instance which heretical goals each mutinous faction pursues.

--- End quote ---

Good question. I will post a general list of societies later, along with common perceptions of these societies. (Although the question of goals borders on insubordination ;) )

I will post some pre-genned characters later, each with a minimal description, to choose from. As each player chooses, I will send PMs with the full details, including knowledge of specific societies.

Insubordinate actions result in fines and can be dealt with by Troubleshooters. Treason is dealt with via medication, brainscrubbing, or termination.

Treason must be reported directly to The Computer or a mission official of GREEN Clearance or higher. Evidence, such as photos, recordings, or documents, must be presented along with the report (although this can happen post-termination if the Troubleshooter felt termination in the field was the appropriate response.) Remember, an accusation of treason without evidence is itself treason.


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