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The Royal Voting Exchange of Strolen's Citadel!!

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Read and voted, and it was so good, I don't need to any "payment" votes.  It was just a pleasure to read it.

Thanks Axle; glad you enjoyed! :D

Come One, Come All! Pay Attention this Ad!

caesar193 hereby puts The History of Atheus up for vote exchange! For a lucky 3 2 1 more people, caesar193 will vote on one of his or her subs in exchange for a vote on The History of Atheus.

This ad has been answered and completed. No more votes are required. My thanks go to the three who responded.

Caesar193, I shall read your tale in exchange for a look at my corpsemaker!
its not so daunting a read as some of my others, and I'd like another persons view on it!

Ceasar I shall read your tale i exchange for a read of, this is the central mythos for my Parna setting.


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