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The Royal Voting Exchange of Strolen's Citadel!!

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Sure, raised it to a 3.0/5


Up to 5 votes and inputs on 30 symbols for various societies or shop signs!!

In exchange, 1 vote on 1 sub up to one A4 paged in length OR return user-submitted ideas on designated scroll or sub in ratio of 1 idea per 1-5 symbols (open to negotiation on the ratio)

btw, SE, are you still needing 2 votes on your Field of Flesh? ppl still see it 1st thing when they come to this thread but I haven't seen a take-up in response to your offer in ages. To be honest, at first I was tempted to do an exchange with you but seeing the length and possible content, I changed my mind.

I propose a trade! For up to 3 2 lucky customers, the following offer is up for grabs! In exchange for reading, commenting, and voting on both (not just one, but each) Lunism and The Prophet John, I will vote on a total of three of each of your subs. A 2-for-3 deal! How could you pass once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip through your fingers?

On a side note, as The Prophet John was recently edited, those of you who have all ready voted on the good Prophet may do so again.

So what are you all waiting for? Come to the RVE and get three of your subs voted on!

Very well, Caesar193, I shall take you up on the call! I shall thoroughly read and vote on Lunism, and re-read and re-judge John the Prophet!

In return, I ask you to grab your water skin, hire a camel and take a journey through the desert. I have big plans for the Ouzquin Dremorix, and some fresh eyes on some of their old subs will please me!

Observe, the children of the desert: The Children of Glass!
Show reverence to their lord: Axtrami!
and 'ware the Obsidian Wolf: Vauraki!

I spared you the horror of reading through Axtrami Haiq Ouzala - I felt it would be unfair to force such a large sub on you :p

Your subs shall be read and commented on in the next couple days!


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