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The Royal Voting Exchange of Strolen's Citadel!!

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2 votes needed on The Oracle of Ein in exchange for the following (on a per vote basis):
- 1 return vote on a sub up to a page in length (I will explicitly reject it if I feel the designated sub is too long) OR
- x number of ideas on designated scrolls (open to negotiation) OR
- comments on 1 Advice Requested sub, again subject to length restrictions Completed!

I will comment and vote on both of your most recent submissions, Moonlake, as I try to comment on all Weavers Guild submissions :)  I won't have time until lunch-ish tomorrow, however.

I don't really expect any comments/votes on my work in return, but if you feel like leaving a note on one of the newer users' subs (Plasmawake, Morningstar, etc), that would be great!

Thanks, Dossta. One is stub but you are welcome to leave a comment if you feel like it. Btw, I think the last of my subs for the Weaver Guild comes out today.
Sure, I will look at some of these newbie's subs.
Just voted on Bumblor's Scourge of the Devourer.
Just voted on both of Morningstar's 2 submissions as well so the exchange has been completed!

2 more votes needed on Kalimon- an overview (and 2 revotes requested from Dossta and Strolen)
In exchange, 1 vote on a similar lengthed sub or 2 votes on one-page lengthed subs is offered (per vote given)!

I think the last revision that I just finished can finally be called a major revision so please revote on it for those who've seen it before. Completed!

I fixed the link. And sorry Moon, I am going to stick with my vote for now unless there are some updates.

Short challenges and general overviews won't generally get a high vote from me on anything unless they hold an idea that wholly captivates me. In this case they are fun and good ideas, they just don't say that much. Ya know?


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