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Welcome to the Citadel's Royal Voting Exchange (RVE)!

Do you have a glorious sub which you feel just didn't get the attention it deserved? Or have you had a sub which you feel was swallowed by a busy time in the citadel, or was neglected during a quiet period! Perhaps you have an unfinished work which you would love feedback for! Maybe you made a sub so large that there just wasn't enough motivation for others to slog through it!
Whatever your voting woes, the RVE is here to help!

Here at the RVE, we believe in all subs getting the attention they deserve. Therefore we have created a system by which you may gather more attention to your neglected submission, by paying people to vote!

Noooo hahaha, put away your credit cards, friends. Here is how it works:
You may post a bulletin in the Royal Voting Exchange, requesting that people read and view your subs. You may then post the price you are willing to pay, in the form of how many of your own votes are up for grabs. In exchange for someone taking the time to read a sub of yours,  you will do the same for them. Just post up how many votes you wish to pay, and the  first takers of your offer will be rewarded with your own opinion of their sub!

Now, there must be some standards set to be a part of the RVE. We can't set a bad reputation for the company, after all.
 - votes should be made within about a week of posting a reply to an add. The same goes with the payment. We can't just up and say we are going to do something and then neglect it!
- if you have already read and voted for the requested sub, you cannot put your name up for it. Also, if a customer asks for a sub vote on one you've already read, you should ask him foe a different sub. Fair is fair!
- customers do not have to put up their own subs foe comment. If they feel generous, they may put up another person 's sub.
- In the name of all that is holy, do not put make anyone read through Cheka Man's infamous short story! We do not want people dying of exhaustion! :p
- just because you requested the feedback doesn't mean you're entitled to a great vote! Accept what is given to you, even if the feedback is negative!
- If you have a request up, and someone else puts another request up, you can respond to that request, but not with the sub you already have in the RVE board.

So come one, come all to the Royal Voting Exchange, and let the votes flow free!


Calling all avid readers!
The Fields of Flesh are calling you!
This is no small task; the sub is very large and in-depth! Beware!

Due to the size of the Fields of flesh I offer not one vote, but TWO votes to the subs of the customer's choice, unless the sub is of similar length to the Fields of Flesh, in which case I offer only one.

Number of votes requested/for sale:  3 2
First come first served!!

Nice idea, shadoweagle. I'll have to get around to advertising some of my own stuff here. Some time.

And I would jump at your Fields of Flesh voting offer, but I've all ready voted on it.

An excellent idea!

I would like to take you up on the Fields of Flesh offer. Can I get back to you on the subs I wish to put up in exchange?

Of course. Just post a link to what you would like me to read in this thread when you make a decision.


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