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Critical Hit and Fumble Chart
« on: August 19, 2002, 10:58:04 PM »
Natural 20 Critical Hit Chart   
01-03   1/2 Damage to self
04-10   Normal Damage
11-15   X2 Damage
16-20   X3 Damage
21-26   Normal Damage and opponent stunned for 1d4 attacks
27-33   X2 Damage and opponent loses next attack
34-40   Normal Damage opponent -4 s/p this round and next
41-45   Leg gashed X2 Damage and 1d6 per round for bleeding
46-50   Normal Damage and opponents weapon dropped 1d4 attacks lost to retrieve
51-55   Normal Damage opponent stumbles from blow only parry next round
56-62   X2 Damage opponent must save vs. pain (13) or or drops weapon spends attack to retrieve
63-70   X2 Damage opponent stunned for 1d4 attacks
71-75   Great move X2 Damage opponent must save vs. fear or lose next 3 attacks
76-81   X3 Damage opponent stunned for 1d4 attacks
82-87   Heavy blow, Normal Damage and opponent unconscience for 1d4 rounds
88-90   X4 Damage
91-96   X3 Damage to opponent's neck save vs. pain(13) every round or go unconscience 2d4 rounds
97-100   Target dies dramatically

Natural 01 Bow Fumble Chart   
01-03   Normal Miss
03-08   String frays -2 Damage, -2 rate String Breaks if fray twice
09-11   String Snaps. Lose 1 norm attack. Must beat 12 to restring losing 1 norm attack per try.
12-14   Arrow was warped striking random ally
15-16   Bow Cracks -3 Damage, -1 Rate Breaks if cracks twice
17-18   Bow Cracks -3 Damage, -1 Rate, -2 Strike Breaks if cracks twice.
19-20   Bow Breaks

Natural 01 Fumble Chart   
01-03   X4 Damage to opponent knock self unconscience on opponent for 1d4 rounds
04-10   Normal Damage to opponent
11-16   Normal miss
17-21   Off balace Lose 3 attacks (parry only, no dodge)
22-24   WS or weapon breaks
25-30   Miss overbalance save vs. 12 (PP bonus) or fall losing 1d4 attacks
31-36   Mighty block stuns you for 1d4 attacks
37-43   Fell for a feint puts you on defensive for 1d4 rounds (parry and dodge only)
44-52   Weapon was chipped -3 Damage permanently
53-60   Knocked self unconscience for 1d4 rounds
61-67   Hit self for Normal Damage
68-72   Fancy Move that doesn't trick opponent loose 2 attacks recovering
73-79   WS or weapon chipped for -2 Damage permanently
80-85   Hit friend for X2 Damage
86-90   Weapon shattered 1d6 Damage to any in direct radius
91-96   Norm Damage to self save vs. pain (13) or stunned for 1d4 rounds
97-100   X2 Damage to self stunned 1d4 rounds

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« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2003, 11:59:50 PM »
hi im form mexico my english is no really good i think your charts are great but i have a question or maybe is like i need help when a animal for example  a tiger or dog make a critical hit i need kind of a chart for that beacuse tha lion can maybe cut an arm with it theet or something pelase help me with this we play palladium fantasy and we have no info on that
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