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Also, don't let inexperience scare you away. So far, none of us have any experience with paranoia(the game). But that won't stop us.

So... When would that be in Eastern Standard Time? And would it matter if I had no idea of how to play Paranoia (besides the general gist of the game)? If the answer to the first isn't the middle of the night, and the answer to the second involves some variation of 'hop right in,' I'd be up for it.

Noon and "hop right in"

Well, beware other PCs. Ye shall rue the day you let the caesar193 infiltrate your group of Troubleshooters (thank god for Wikipedia- the source, so far, of all my technical knowledge of the game), manipulate my companions, and achieve the goals of the Romans!

Not that you should, you know, know any of that. You should probably forget it. Like I would betray you guys. Right? Right? Trust me. It'll make it easier to betray- i mean, complete our objective. :D

So yeah, I'm in. Just I'm case you didn't catch any of that.

Remember, Citizens, it is impolite to show too much interest in the rules, and potentially treasonous to show knowledge of the rules above your current grade of RED.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


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