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Is Wikipedia going to be our only source of info? Will we have a briefing before we start or do we just free ball everything? I know there's probably not a whole lot of stats seeing as any injury will kill you, but it would be nice to have SOME knowledge.

The Computer is your friend and wishes you to have a long and happy career as a Troubleshooter. As such, and in appreciation for exposing a traitor, the Computer will provide the information necessary to perform your new duties.

If you are experiencing any stress at this time, please see the Happiness Officer for your daily Pharmatherapy dose. The Computer wishes all citizens of Alpha Complex a happy and stress free life. The Computer looks forward to your coming efforts to rid Alpha Complex of traitors, mutants, and subversives.

(I am still working my way through the rules and formulating just how I'm going to run this thing. If you want a head start, I recommend tracking down The Little Red Book; this is not mandatory, however, and you will do fine without it.)

Started an RP thread (,6223.0.html) to hammer out all the necessary details before play starts.


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