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Thanks, that was prompt.

I accept the challenge!  I choose 100 word submissions and there are 55 of them!

Dossta has gone MIA b/c he's writing a novel (last I heard) but as de facto leader of the Weaver Guild made by circumstance, I will step in for him in the interim and maybe get Longspeak into this as well given that he's the other Weaver active on the Citadel that should have some time to spare for this so that we could share the workload b/w the 2 of us, hopefully.

btw, that means this is back in action so any of the previous pledgers to this who still haven't completed it should get a move on this. Go, march forth and comment. :battleaxe:


Serves me right. I picked "spear" initially because there weren't that many of them :P

Having started searching through spears however, I have discovered that they are...Legion.

So now, while commenting on freetext spears, i'm also trying to attach "spear" freetexts to the spears that don't have them.

Got to a bunch tonight, will proceed with more tomorrow.  :thumbup:


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