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Alright, here's the deal: 

Authors love comments on their work, and we're going to deliver.  The challenge is to pick a freetext from the following list, and reply to this thread with the one you have chosen.

Your mission is to comment on EVERY SINGLE submission that has this freetext.  Voting is optional.  Leaving an idea on the sub also counts, but upvoting comments/ideas does not.

Additional Info:

* The freetext you choose must have at least 5 submissions that it applies to (was going to go higher, but some submissions are really long).
* If you have already commented on a submission with that freetext, you are free to skip it if you choose.
* Also, once you've completed the challenge, please respond back to your original post on this thread.  We're handing out kudos and imaginary cookies (and possibly Internet Points, while supply lasts).
Besides the good feeling you will attain by completing this challenge, I now offer the following prize:  I will comment (and vote) on three submissions of choice for anyone who completes this challenge.  They don't have to be your own.  Please PM me your choices, and I will make sure they go to the top of my queue. :)

Murometz -- Spear
Dossta -- 30
MysticMoon -- Swamp

valadaar -- Mercenary
Moonlake -- 5in1 and Decathros

Challenge accepted. I choose "Spear"

I choose the freetext "30":

I've commented on a bunch of these, but now it's time to fill in the blanks.  Just 143 subs to sort through . . .

I'll take

Twice as challenging as spear :P

I'll take Mercenary.


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