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Muro Awards 2012

Oh yes, they're coming!

Have you been naughty or nice? Any chance we see *YOU* (yes, you!) win a category this year? Only the shadow knows...

I will bet anyone reading this 1 American Dollar (or 1 European Euro), that you can't guess who had the most comments on subs in 2012. Anyone who guesses and loses must donate that dollar to Strolen.com. Take the challenge!

Nice!  Looking forward to this :D

(And I'm not going to take the bait.  I'm horrible at these kinds of guessing games).

Muro - the ' goes before the 12... Otherwise I'm left wondering, "Muro's 12 foot what?" which leads me to bad places and a terrible fear of reading this thread :)

And I am also very much looking forward to the awards.

I'm not sure who the top commenter was. I don't think it was Cheka this year as he seemed to be absent much of the time. If I guess wrong but it also isn't Cheka, do I only have to pay $.50? Of course, if it was Cheka, I'll probably owe $2. That's ok, though. I'm a high roller like that :P

Do we PM you with our guesses? Or just post them here?


--- Quote ---Muro - the ' goes before the 12
--- End quote ---

Oh, right! lol


In thread is fine. Is Cheka your official guess? :D

Cheka is my official not guess  8)

Valadaar is my official guess.


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