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Thought you'd bring that up. i did say already admit that I had said that, Axle:

--- Quote ---Though I already have said I sometimes force myself into writing up comments when I don't feel like it, it's not a common thing for me to do.
--- End quote ---

Do you think that perhaps I was exaggerating, or do you really think that the greatest shame I have in my life is that I don't always make comments on a website? I WISH my life was so shame-free!

I am not a debater. I do not like debating. I knew I was going to regret making a comment in this thread, so my bad.

I don't care if sometimes what i say may contradict previously posted things. My comments stand unaltered and without justification, nor do I need to justify myself. I feel what I have said still makes sense. Take from it what you will or ignore it; i'm finished with this conversation. :)

axle, stop bothering Shadoweagle :P

This is an information gathering thread. I salute it. But let's not get into  philosophy and psychology  :wink:


--- Quote ---What is your post to comment ratio?
--- End quote ---

728/3472 or 1/4.75

--- Quote ---What should it be?  4 comments for every post, 10 comments for every post, how many of those comments are on your own material.

--- End quote ---

I am satisfied with a minimum of 3 comments on a post, 4 if there are Vote Only comments

--- Quote ---Do you come here to write or to read?
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Are you equal part fan and creator?
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---How do you feel about critics who don't post?
--- End quote ---

I'm fine with them. We could use more.

--- Quote ---Or posters who by the very nature of their posting expect more attention than they are giving others?
--- End quote ---

That is Buster territory. Just because I put something out doesn't mean I expect it to be voted and commented on. I will conscientiously make an effort to read, vote, and comment on submissions that other people have done.

I am fine with commenting and voting. I don't care if a commenter or voter isn't a writer. Their action of reading, voting and commenting contributes to the Citadel and this is GOOD. I am slightly more opinionated towards writers who wont read/comment/vote on other people's stuff because we are a community of like minded individuals.


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