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Ugh, hate it.

I write between home and work, so I keep a flash drive with a folder just for Citadel submissions. I suppose it could happen that I'd lose the drive, but that's happened far less frequently than a bad connection or browser shutdown that makes me lose my work.


--- Quote from: Shadoweagle on March 10, 2013, 05:56:17 PM ---Yah, we have all been there! I've lost hours of work to that kind of horror before, and when you rewrite it, it never seems quite as good.

--- End quote ---

>.< Ugh, yeah. I've made some attempts to rewrite it now and it's just horrible! From a 10 down to a -300. I don't even want to rewrite it.
I was going to do a piece on what to do when your players treat your Npcs like, well...Npcs. But now I just...ugh. I want to do something else but it feels like everything has been done allready, not feeling very creative atm. I can't think of an original cult/religion idea, so no chance of that. I might post an old dice generator that I've used a lot in the past, once I clean it up.

Don't be discouraged, sir!

one of the best ways to get creative juices oozing is to catch someone in the full chatroom and bounce ideas off of them. A second perspective is a great tool! If you manage to catch murometz, he is especially useful with his 20 question style!


--- Quote from: Gossamer on March 16, 2013, 04:38:01 PM ---I can't think of an original cult/religion idea, so no chance of that.

--- End quote ---

This quest is pretty open, actually -- you don't have to write about a religion or cult if you don't want to.  A single deity, a whole pantheon, a mystical artifact connected with a religion, or even a religious order or NPC would all work.  If you need inspiration, take a look at some of the Small Gods or Placeholder Gods.  And if you haven't yet seen Mathom, Othamm, or The God of Small Things yet then you should take a look -- they are practically memes around here.

Anohter important tip:  Before using a name, Google it.  It can be very discouraging to discover that your character/place/item/etc. accidentally shares the name of a well-known fantasy character/place/item/etc.  As an example of how names can go wrong, some poor guy submitted a villain named "Elric" in Paizo's "RPG Superstar" competition a few years back.  He had never read or heard of the famous Michael Moorcock character.


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