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When submitting;
Never ever, write your text directly on the site. I just lost about 2 hours work on what was supposed to have been my first submission.
Noooooot feeling like a happy camper atm. >.<

Ick. I'm reasonably certain we've got that posted somewhere. But yes, that's definitely something that we try to warn people about. Either write it up in another editor (I just use Notepad++, I know others use MS Word), or save the submission regularly. There is an "In Work - Private" submission type, so you can work in the site-editor and save without making it publicly visible. I use that fairly often.

So you select that private setting and then press submit? I was a bit unsure of that part. But yeah, definately going to do it in a word processing application from now on.

Yah, we have all been there! I've lost hours of work to that kind of horror before, and when you rewrite it, it never seems quite as good.

I feel your pain.  If it helps, you could try to think of it as a "first draft" that got eaten by Niyotts . . . or something.


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