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A better name for Gnomes

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Svirfneblin comes from ancient Germanic or something, which if you believe Wikipedia, is a whole bunch of languages. Unfortunately, there is no Google translate for ancient Germanic. >.< It would be cool if it meant something, but it doesn't have to. I like where you're going with it youngOne2, but it needs something that rolls off the tongue. Svirf-neblin, Bam-Bam. Weeeen-ig-neblin, that's like bam-bam-bam, y'know. The rest of you should go and have a lie down. :P Although, Fragneblin... nah, sounds like something out of Quake III.

PS. Axlerowes, I don't call mine halflings, just wrote it for legal purposes, mnyah. Nomeneblin....Hmm. Keep at it, guys, we'll get there.


--- Quote from: axlerowes on March 13, 2013, 06:18:32 PM ---If you gnoing to change the gnames of gnomes then don't tell anybody your doing it. Least you have "the race formerly gknown as gnomes".
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 :bat: I see what you did their good Sir. :bat:

Well, if your looking for something that "rolls off the tonge", i would try maybe your "name", Gossamer? ( i know its the name of the hair monster from Looney-Toons but hey).

You could also take some of my other ideas and shorten them up, Glee-Neblin, for example.

Maybe Joyblin...Nibelung, Andvari,  maybe take what you dont like, Garden Gnome, and mash the names together? Garrome? makes it sound a bit more mean :P

Erden-Bewohner Means "Earth Dweller", in German, maybe use a Latin Translation... Solumunum... "Soil one", one from the soil?

... hope this is helping atleast   :|

I was asked by the Association of Garden Gnomes to share their thoughts on this discussion.


--- Quote from: MysticMoon on March 14, 2013, 05:22:37 PM ---I was asked by the Association of Garden Gnomes to share their thoughts on this discussion.

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 :lol: LMAO :lol:

I have it.

'Munter'- 'upbeat' in Norwegian
'Dverg'- 'gnome' (folklore) in Norwegian


Munterdverg! Happy-ass gnome.


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