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A better name for Gnomes

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I like the idea behind Gnomes, a trickster Feywild version of the Halfling. But I hate the name as it inevitably brings to mind garden gnomes.
I was thinking about something along the lines of Svirfneblin, but sorta...brighter and happier. Keeping the neblin part, since that makes sense to show their connection. Svirfneblin means something along the lines of children of the mist btw.
Any ideas?

WELL........ In the Dragon Lance Series their are Kender, which is a cousin of the Gnome. Very ADHD little Ba#$%ds but very friendly and welcoming.

along the lines of a different name.... maybe something like  lustigneblin, "Jolly" gnomes... um or maybe wenigneblin
What about just calling them Neblin's
Maybe Neblun?.... Call them Neblung, like the breed of Cat and give them some of their characteristics...
... GleeGneblin... ? :dunno:

Maybe you could call them Fraggles.  :D

How about Nomes

Or Gummibärchen

Or bringing it back to about Eighths or Quarters?

Or Mega-Brownies

Or Goblins (but don't pronounce the G)

Or G'jawas

Or Sixth men (if elves were the first, then dwarves the second, then orcs, then human or halflings...I think gnomes showed up 6th)

Or G'midgets

If you gnoing to change the gnames of gnomes then don't tell anybody your doing it. Least you have "the race formerly gknown as gnomes". 




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