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Howdy y'all

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Long time lurker, joined today due to boredom or what not.

I'm a 20+ years old GM, that have yet gotten to be a player.
I run a solo D&D 4e campaign for my little brother atm, half-nd-half sandbox and railroad. Mostly homebrew with choice parts of official WOTC material. And I'm sure to ask for input regarding my little world at some point (warning, may contain traces of SCI-FI).

I have a massive ego and I like correct grammar without being a Nazi about it (I only correct myself...mostly). So I hope I can humbly contribute with my (awesome) submissions, sure to come soon. ;)

Loves: Brackets (obviously), intrigue and making my own creature stat blocks.
Hates: Promise breakers, writing background history and lost opportunities.

We welcome you from the shadows, Gossamer! Looking forward to your contributions.

Welkome to the sight. I hope you will injoy righting as much as we will enjoy reeding it!

It is always grate when an lurker desides to join. We never know who is out their unless they tell us!!!


Did I make you twitch?

Lol, that was downright painful... >.<

Greetings. Welcome. Happy Hunting!


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