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Chapter the Third, Silent Woman Keep

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It's getting away!

Yes, love, I know that. Give me a moment to concentrate...

From the ashes, rise and churn, from the blackness, seek and burn! Energy, bound into place in the tattoos decorating Saano's arms, quivered, then ignited into blazing flame, unleashed to wreck destruction by the incantation. Saano raised his arm, fire wreathing it like a snake, and pointed his Yantok at the escaping Penanggalan. Firespray! The fire lashed out, splitting into a cluster of spheres that tracked onto the fleeing monster, but a last-second juke by the target left it only singed when they detonated, the shockwave and heat felt but not heard.

OOC: As witnessed by Muro in the chat, Firespray hit, but the damage roll was...rather pathetic. 1 hp damage to the Penanggalan.

Ria Hawk:
'Ten decided to follow the woman, sticking to the shadows. It was possible that she knew the place better than he did, and while he didn't object to leaving with some valuables, he'd be just as happy to just leave at this point.

Hide check if necessary~

A mental coin toss. A shrug.

Iskander fished a pair of torches, and his flint and tinder from his gear.

He cursed the first toarch alight with the tinder, and lit the second torch with the first, handing it to Tagu.

"Well. Lets take a look. Everything has been dead quiet so far..."

With that, he entered into the gloom, his torch casting its flickering, yellow light.

Zuan gasped for breath as the pananggalan's gross digestive tract fell from his throat and followed the bloody head upwards. He scrambled for his fallen weapon while looking around rapidly, trying to find the source of the new voice in the room. Abandoning that task as he came upon his hand crossbow, he quickly loaded a bolt and fired at the escaping monster.

Hand Crossbow attack: Dozus rolls 1d20 and gets 9.


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